08 March 2006

This is the first thing

Ok so I'm Columbus Jones and this is my first time blogging and I figured I'd just write about what I'm doing and stuff. Big thing right now is that I've got a job that I might be getting, to be a photographer for a real magazine. Don't know much about it right now, but will write about it more later if it happens. Which I hope it will because it would be a cool thing and I'm still only 14 years old so it would be like a big first step into other stuff.

Things that are important that all readers should know about:

1. I live in London.
2. I am a photographer and I've been taking photos for most of my life. My dad's friend Al Shooter who owns Shooter's Cameras in Covent Garden showed me how to do loads of stuff, like developing my own pictures in his darkroom and using old cameras with real film and composition. Lots of things.
3. My dad's a journalist and he works in different countries all the time and my friends Akira and Keiko (they're twins) they always make sure I known when one of his articles is in the paper. But I always know because he emails me or sends me a postcard about it or my mum tells me.
4. I am in school, but I don't like it very much. It's boring.
5. I have blonde or brown hair depending if the sun's out or not, and green eyes and I'm kind of tall for my age but maybe not because Akira's a bit short so I may think I'm tall but only when I'm standing next to him.

I'll put up some of my photos soon. Hope you like them. I have to go see Al now and develop some pictures and see what he thinks. Then I'm going to go see Akira and Keiko at their dad's comic shop (so kewl) and tell them about the job interview - they're not the only losers with jobs now! If I get the job, I mean.

Columbus Jones